On the job training: many skills are taught on the job, hands on experience and training with co-workers. We work indepently and as a team.

Job Requirements:
- Must be at least 18 years
- Must be able to read and write english
- Must have current drivers license
- Must social security card or current green card
- Must have a current (DOJ) fingerprint clearance (we can help with this and tell you where to go)
- Must sign a Criminal Record statement
- Must complete physical examination, with TB test(PPD or Chest XRAY)
- Must be able to pass a drug test upon request and possible random testing
- Must have reliable transportation and telephone

Hours: Four 10 hours shifts per week, currently it would be a mix of Dayshift (7AM - 5PM) and Midshift (11AM-9PM) but occasionally nightshift (9PM-7AM). We fill in for eachother this is very important. Holidays and weekends are required. Must be FLEXIBLE with schedule and on occasion be able fill in on emergencies, when someone calls in sick we need to work together to get shifts covered. At Country Hearts we work as a TEAM to cover shifts so we work with eachother when days off are needed. We are obviously open 24/7-365/366 days a year and must be able to have staff willing to work.

This is an assisted living and caregivers assist residents and perform a variety of tasks including cooking and cleaning. We are fairly small currently we care for 8 resisidents but can go up to 15 at max. Caregivers take instructions from Administrator, Manager, Supervisor, and the Residents about the help needed(each resident is different). Assist with (ADL's) activities of the daily living, grooming, showering, personal hygiene and manicures of residents. Do a variety of housework such as cleaning, laundry, and ironing. Cooking and preparing home-style meals, snacks, and desserts. Helping residents stay active through activities and exercise. Do daily charting and documentation, pass medications. Caregivers should be able to answer phones professionally, take messages, and make phone calls when required. Caregivers must be able to follow instructions from Administrator and Manager and be able to report any issues to them as well. Sometimes caregivers are asked to help with outside cleaning and minor gardening or landcasping, as we are small and our caregivers take care of the home like it is your own.

Caregivers need to have good communication, listening, and people skills. Must be compassionate and be able to work with people from different ethinic groups and/or religions. MUST be a teamplayer, we rely on eachother a lot and need to be able to work together and communicate effectively to be sure the residents have the absolute BEST care.
Need to be mature, responsible, and honest. Reliability and patience is very important when caring for elderly. Caregivers need to have initiative and be able complete tasks and take care of residents without being told what to do constantly, there are times you are the only cargiver.


Please download and fill out job application below to apply.

Send applications with subject line Caregiver Application.